Coffee Origins and Flavours | Exploring the Rich Diversity of Coffee

Coffee Origins and Flavours | Exploring the Rich Diversity of Coffee

As winter loosens its grip and hints of spring emerge, the comforting scent of brewing coffee engulfs us, prompting us to think about coffee origins. In this blog, we're taking a delightful journey to sunnier climes and the diverse wonders of the coffee world.

For coffee enthusiasts looking to embark on a journey of discovery, the flavours of coffee are intricately tied to the location and climate in which the beans are cultivated. Furthermore, the processing methods employed by individual producers can impart unique characteristics to the final brew.

In this blog, we’re delving into the diverse coffee origins and the coffee flavour profiles they bring to our mugs.



First up is our Brazilian Coffee. Our Dark Roast coffee boasts notes of chocolate, toffee and walnut and is perfect for a traditional coffee drinker. Our Brazilian coffee comes from Fazenda Pinhal, one of Brazil's most eco-conscious farms, boasting 67% eucalyptus forest and pasture land. If you're a fan of our Granary Blend, our Brazilian beans play a significant role, infusing it with chocolate and hazelnut notes.



Next is our Colombian Coffee. Our Rigoberto Sanchez and The Rich Roast coffee beans are rich and flavourful Colombian coffees.

Darker coffees sometimes receive criticism in the specialty coffee world for their richness, which is unfortunate.

Whereas our other Colombian coffee, Rigoberto Sanchez is rich but sweet. Each cup is filled with flavours of berries, including raspberry, and caramelised sugars. This coffee truly is full of character and complexity.


El Salvador

El Salvadorian Coffee, such as our beloved Bosque Lya and Apaneca, often earn praise for their irresistible allure. Bosque Lya holds a special place within the Rounton team, as it has been a staple since our establishment. Bosque Lya's nutty sweetness and hints of fresh stone fruit make it versatile; it's delicious both as an espresso or in a filter coffee.

Bosque Lya coffee being enjoyed at home

Apaneca is another house favourite and another tasty component of our signature Granary Blend. It is a wonderfully smooth coffee, with a nut chocolate flavour and a plum finish.



Our Peruvian Coffee has a medium intensity and features a variety of flavours. Sparkling Water Decaf coffee beans are a blend of lots of producers from across Jaén, Peru. Smallholder farmers from the Chirinos and Huabal districts come together to deliver their coffee to a central dry mill. We named this lot after the city Chachapoyas, which serves as the capital of the neighbouring Amazonas region.

Our latest release is from the awesome Roger Chilcon Flores whose beans we have stocked previously. His coffee is a firm favourite due to the complexity of the flavours which include cranberry jam, almonds and hints of cocoa.



Rwamatamu holds a special place in our hearts due to the relationship we have with Bernice and her family in Rwanda. This Rwandan Coffee has a sweet symphony with notes of peach, honey and brown sugar - perfect for those looking to explore fruity and sweet coffees.



Last but certainly not least is our sweet and complex Maliba Ugandan Coffee, which bursts with sweet fruit flavours. Farmers situated in the Eastern foothills of the Rwenzoris pick their ripe red cherries as high as 2000 meters at Maliba. They then transport them to Agri Evolve's processing station at Nyabirongo. Uganda Katanda - a washed Ugandan - is a component of our Granary Blend.

Let the warmth of these diverse coffee origins transport you to sunnier landscapes. Whether you prefer the chocolatey richness of Brazil, the nutty embrace of El Salvador or the sweet serenity of Rwandan coffee, there's a flavour profile to suit every palate.

So, wrap your hands around that steaming cup, take a sip and let the flavours whisk you away on a journey across continents - one delicious coffee at a time.