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Treat your staff and guests with our award-winning coffees, and make every coffee break memorable.

The Right Choice

The Right Choice

Whatever your needs, we'll find the right fit. Choose from a range of machines and equipment to suit your space.  

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

Call us today on 01609 882984 for a free consultation - be on the way to better coffee in your office!

Rounton Coffee in the Office

Rounton Coffee in the Office

Whether you're serving a whole workforce and their guests, or a small tight-knit team, there's no reason why you can't have delicious coffee at work.

Take a look at our coffee solutions below - which is best for your space?

The Workhorse

up to 200 cups per day

With bean-to-cup machines from WMF and La Cimbali, you can serve consistently delicious drinks at the touch of a button. No need to pop out to the high street: enjoy café-quality coffee from the comfort of your desk!

Serve the whole building, with machines that can make up to 200 cups per day - whether that's coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. With flexible pricing, service plans and a range of coffees, this is the one-stop-shop for office coffee.

The Specialist

Third-wave coffee at your desk

Having a change of pace can give you the inspiration you need to do your best work. Taking the time to brew your coffee with care could be just what your office needs, and we've got the perfect tools for the job. 

With the iconic Mahlkönig EK43s, and a Marco BRU filter machine, fill the office with the aroma of freshly-ground coffee and spark some inspiration! 

The Super Simple

Small teams and little spaces

Armed with just a cafetière and a set of scales, you could transform the workplace with consistently delicious coffees. We swear by this simple setup - after all, it's how we make our own brews every day!

Pair it with flexible coffee deliveries, and you've got the perfect solution for smaller teams and little spaces.

Who doesn't love good coffee in the office? Rounton Coffee's service has been responsive, friendly and completely tailored to our needs - giving us flexibility with frequency and the amount of coffee we need while we're working.

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Our Coffees

Flexible Coffee Solutions

Choose from a range of award-winning coffees, delivered at a frequency that works for you.

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