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Enjoy flavours of the world with our range of single origin coffee beans! The...more

Enjoy flavours of the world with our range of single origin coffee beans! The term refers to a coffee that gives focus and recognition to one distinct location, area or region. Where the coffee bean is grown is traced to a single farm, producer, crop, or region in one country. Single producer coffees provide consumers with a delicious, unique flavour. The flavour itself can alter depending on the coffee beans' location and the climate they are grown in. It can also change depending on the processing conditions of the individual producer.

Choosing single origin coffee beans means that we support producers and help to provide them with a reliable income, allowing them to support their families and invest in sustainable growing and processing practices. Enjoy offerings from Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, Peru, Rwanda, Costa Rica and so many more beautiful places!


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What are single-origin coffee beans?


Single origin coffee refers to coffee beans that originate from a specific geographic location, such as a distinct region, farm, or even a single estate within a region. The term "single origin" emphasizes that the coffee beans used in a particular batch or bag come from one unique place, rather than being a blend of beans from multiple sources.


When a coffee is labeled as "single origin coffee," it means that the beans can be traced back to a specific, clearly defined origin. This level of traceability allows coffee enthusiasts to explore the diverse flavors and characteristics associated with coffee from different parts of the world.


The concept of single origin coffee has become increasingly popular among coffee aficionados who appreciate the opportunity to discover and savor the unique tastes that different regions or estates offer. Each origin boasts its own set of distinct environmental factors, including altitude, soil composition, climate, and cultivation methods, which influence the flavor profile of the coffee beans.


Moreover, the term "single estate coffee" is often used interchangeably with "single origin coffee." "Single estate" takes the specificity a step further, as it denotes that the coffee beans originate from a single coffee plantation or estate within a particular region. This adds an extra layer of exclusivity and precision to the coffee's origin, as it narrows down the source to a specific farm known for producing high-quality coffee.


The allure of single origin coffee lies not only in its unique flavor profile but also in the story it tells. Each bag of single origin coffee beans represents the efforts of the local farmers and their dedication to cultivating exceptional crops. The traceability of single origin coffee also enables consumers to support sustainable and ethical practices, as they can often learn about the farming methods employed and the fair treatment of workers.


In conclusion, single origin coffee beans and single estate coffee both epitomize the essence of exceptional quality and traceability. These terms celebrate the diversity of coffee-growing regions worldwide and allow coffee enthusiasts to explore a world of flavors, aromas, and experiences with each cup they brew.