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We believe that brewing dead good coffee should be dead simple. Whether you're just starting out on your coffee journey, or want to fall deeper down the rabbit-hole, our handy brew guides serve as a starting point for making the most of each brew. We have guides for the AeroPress, Cafetière, V60 and a bunch of others in-between!

How to Brew Specialty Coffee

One thing you'll find when brewing coffee is that each bean is unique. There are so many factors at play, from the type of coffee you've bought, to how long it has been rested, and how you choose to brew it. The trick is to make sure that you control as many factors as you can, so you can make your coffee as consistent as can be. 

What You Need to Brew Specialty Coffee

Before you get started, we would recommend a couple of things to go alongside your brewer and beans:

- A set of scales(accurate to 0.1g). 
- A timer. Many scales for coffee brewing have these built in, but you can just as easily use your phone!
- Clean brewing water. Your coffee is mostly water, so use filtered water if you can. It doesn't have to be bought in: you could use a filter jug like the Peak Water, or look at options from Brita

Brewing Our Coffee


Check out a range of guides for the most popular brewers below. Learn more about each brewer in the blogs, with our go-to recipe at the end of each one.

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