V60 Brew Guide

V60 Brew Guide

There are so many fantastic ways of brewing Coffee but I have to say that the V60 is one of our firm favourites at Rounton Coffee.

We have all sorts of brewing paraphernalia scattered around The Roastery, yet more often than not we find ourselves reaching out for the Hario V60. It is one of the most effortless ways of making coffee and I also find it strangely therapeutic.

This method is perfect for home brewing. It’s inexpensive, compact and delivers a really clean cup of coffee. It also looks impressive when you have friends over, everyone loves a pour over!

We choose to use our V60 with a single brew station and a glass Hario server this allows us to serve our coffee in a pre-measured jug rather than using scales to weigh. Some people prefer a V60 on a mug with scales. Both ways work just as well.

A simple V60 brew guide the Rounton coffee way.

You’ll need;

  • V60 and V60 filter papers.
  • A kettle and a gooseneck pouring kettle.
  • Digital scales or Hario V60 glass server.
  • Tiamo single brew station (optional)
  • Freshly ground coffee (34-36g per 500ml)
  • A Timer
  1. Firstly boil your kettle, once boiled allow it to stand for at least a minute. The water needs to be around 91C. Allowing the water to cool will make sure you don’t burn your coffee grinds when pouring. *You could also add some of your hot water to pre heat your glass server/mug.
  2. Whilst waiting for the kettle to cool place your V60 filter paper on the V60 cone and rinse the filter paper over a sink with hot water to get rid of that filter paper taste.
  3. Now rinsed, place your V60 on top of your brew station and pre heated Hario jug underneath (not forgetting to get rid of the water first!)
  4. Pour your coffee grinds into the V60 filter. We would suggest using a ceramic burr grinder on a medium/fine setting.
  5. Pour the hot water from the kettle into the gooseneck pouring kettle (this kettle is designed to allow a more controlled flow of water)
  6. Slowly pour an even, steady stream of water from your kettle into the centre of the V60 making sure you cover the coffee grinds. You want to try and saturate the grinds without water dripping through the filter, they just need to be wet. Let it stand for 30 seconds because this is when the dry coffee absorbs the water. This pre saturation is called a “bloom”. This is when the grounds expand and gasses are released.
  7. Now start pouring again, aim for the centre of the cone moving around slowly whilst avoiding pouring onto the filter paper. Continue to pour maintaining the level of the water in the filter at 2/3 full. Keep pouring until the your 500ml serving is complete.
  8. Your brew should take approx 2.00-2.30 mins. If it takes longer your grind is too fine and you will need to select a coarser setting on your grinder. A brew that floods through is too coarse and will need a finer setting.
  9. Once your coffee is brewed sit back and enjoy!

All of our coffees are a light/medium roast and can be enjoyed black. I prefer mine without milk so I can really pick out the characteristics of the coffee.