Granary Blend



Tasting Notes:

Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel



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Every coffee roaster needs a home, and we found ours in a converted old granary building, tucked away at the top of North Yorkshire. It seemed only fitting that we named our first blend after this home, and so the Granary Blend was born.

By drinking Granary Blend, you're helping to plant trees in Uganda. Read more about the ACE2030 project in Uganda’s Rwenzori mountains below.

    Brazil, El Salvador, Uganda

    We've found a winning formula with the components of the Granary Blend. There's a chocolatey base from Brazil, nuttiness and sweetness from El Salvador, and a bold Ugandan that ties it all together. Like all of our coffees, these farms all have sustainability and quality at their core.

    Chocolatey & Sweet

    Granary Blend is our take on the classic espresso blend. Unlike traditional blends, we've avoided bitterness, and focused instead on creating something smooth and easy-going. An all day drinking coffee if ever there was one, Granary Blend stands up well to milk, but is equally delicious on its own.


    A great blend creates something that's more than the sum of its parts. We've got a slight funky sweetness from a natural Brazilian, and a washed El Salvador for rich nuttiness. The remainder comes from a sweet-yet-rich washed Ugandan, which ties everything together.

    The Granary Blend

    Medium Intensity

    Granary Blend is an espresso blend at heart - expect smooth chocolatey notes, and a caramel-like sweetness. Delicious with or without milk.

    Brew Guide



    18g in, 36g out, extracted over 27(±3) seconds.


    1:16 ratio, steeped for 4 minutes and left to settle.

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    The Granary Blend

    A taste of home

    The Granary is more than just a roastery for us; it's so packed full of personality that at times it feels like a living member of the team!  It seemed only fitting that we named our first blend after this home, and so the Granary Blend was born.

    The Granary Blend has remained pretty much the same since its first iteration - why mess with a good thing? With great body, balance and natural sweetness, it's everything you could want in an espresso blend.

    ACE 2030


    We're working closely with Agri Evolve, the people behind our Ugandan coffee. By pledging an additional 60p per kilo of green coffee we buy, we will be supporting their ACE 2030 project, a 10-year plan emphasising the integral link between agriculture, community and the environment.

    As well as planting a tree for each kilo sold, the coffee you buy also supports various community projects, including supporting a local school and helping young mothers start their own businesses, after leaving school early.

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