Sustainably Sourced Coffee in Uganda | ACE2030

Sustainably Sourced Coffee in Uganda | ACE2030

We’ve been working with Rwenzori Coffee Co. since 2018 – a Social Enterprise that is based in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains. We knew from the beginning that they were our kind of people, and our Ugandan coffees now come exclusively from them. As well as exceptional coffee, their commitment to community and the environment is second-to-none.

Rwenzori Coffee Co has set up the ACE2030 program, which we’re proud to be supporting. With each bag of Ugandan coffee you enjoy, you’re also playing your part in helping shape the future of this part of the Rwenzoris.

What is ⁣ACE2030?

Sustainably Sourced Coffee in Uganda | ACE2030

ACE 2030 is a 10-year programme, emphasising the integral link between Agriculture, Community and the Environment. It sets out Rwenzori Coffee Co’s involvement in each area, and defines their strategy for the next decade. It shows how their work has an impact not only on farmers but on communities throughout this region, and the environment where they live and work.


The main daily activity of 80% of the Rwenzori population is farming. Whether it’s growing food to eat, or as a cash crop, agriculture is at the heart of this part of Uganda. Agri Evolve’s work in the coffee sector over the last 5 years has resulted in its significant development. They have encouraged an open and transparent market, provided training and support for farmers, created employment for many local people. They’ve also channelled investment from overseas, transformed the infrastructure for coffee processing and seen growth and opportunity throughout the local area.

In terms of the coffee produced, we have seen the quality improve with every harvest, and this is being reflected in the prices paid directly to farmers. Our relationship with Rwenzori Coffee Co. is our most direct link to origin, and we’re excited to see how great their coffee can become.

Sustainably Sourced Coffee in Uganda | ACE2030


Agri Evolve supports over 10,000 farmers and their families. They have provided employment for many builders, suppliers and traded with many local small businesses. From each kilo of Ugandan coffee we buy, 60p goes to ACE2030 projects. Examples include pit latrines for a local school; a water borehole; support for a local organisation providing craft training for young people who have dropped out of school.

Agri Evolve also mentor and support Youth Teams to become independent small businesses, and have contributed to relief efforts following local flooding which destroyed homes and infrastructure.


Of course, all of this great work means nothing without a hospitable environment to thrive in down the line. Severe flooding in the Rwenzoris in 2020 was the catalyst to focus even more on protecting the region in future. ACE2030 has enabled over 1400 energy-efficient stoves to be constructed for local families, saving firewood. As well as this, one tree is planted for each kilo of Ugandan coffee we buy. Along with other supporters of ACE2030, the aim is to plant 40,000 trees in 2021.

You can support ACE2030 simply by drinking delicious coffee – a great deal if ever we heard one! You’ll see the ACE2030 logo across our website, or you can view our Ugandan coffees here.