• El Salvador - Bosque Lya
  • El Salvador - Bosque Lya
  • El Salvador - Bosque Lya
  • El Salvador - Bosque Lya
  • El Salvador - Bosque Lya
  • El Salvador - Bosque Lya

El Salvador - Bosque Lya

Hazelnut, Plum, Milk Chocolate

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Founded in 1932, the name Bosque Lya translates to 'Lya’s forest', named after Gustavo Vides Valdes' newborn daughter, Lya. This has become one of our most treasured coffees -  it's the archetypal Salvadorian coffee - nutty, creamy and moreish.

Santa Ana

This is a 96-hectare farm - 64 of which are under coffee, the balance being left as a natural rainforest. However, in many parts of the farm, it is difficult to recognise what is pure forest and what isn’t, since so many shade trees are used. There is an abundance of wildlife including birds such as hummingbirds, orioles and hawks and many migratory species. Mammals include wild cats, armadillos, deer and possum.

There are endless beautiful flowers including colourful rare orchids and epiphytes that grow on the branches of the trees. The views from this farm are jaw-dropping with the mountains and volcanoes of west El Salvador and Guatemala beyond, dominating the picture. The towering El Chingo Volcano takes centre stage in this dramatic scene. 

Mellow & Nutty

This is the archetypal Salvadorian coffee - nutty, creamy and moreish. Not to mention, it's amazingly versatile! Give it a go as a knockout espresso, or as a comforting cup of filter coffee. It's no wonder it won a Great Taste Award in 2020, with the judges praising its "mellow, nutty sweetness".


Ripe coffee cherries are picked, and sorted to remove any defects. They then pass through a depulper, where the flesh of the cherry is removed, leaving behind a sticky mucilage layer. Next, the beans are fermented, and the mucilage layer breaks down, leaving a clean coffee bean behind. The beans are then carefully dried, resulting in a clean-tasting coffee with natural sweetness and complexity.

El Salvador - Bosque Lya

Medium Intensity

With a thick, creamy body and notes of toasted nuts, what's not to love? Bosque Lya is an easy-drinking coffee, which stands up well to milk, but can hold its own black.

Brew Guide



18g coffee in, 36g out. Extracted over 27(±3) seconds.


1:16 ratio, steeped for 4 minutes, then left to settle. No plunger needed!

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Finca Bosque Lya

Owned by Joe Melina

Joe Melina at Finca Bosque Lya is a bit of a legend in the coffee scene, and we've been lucky enough to have been hosted by him when we visited in 2018. The quality of his coffee is rivalled only by the quality of his hospitality! 

We're glad to be able to do the coffee of Finca Bosque Lya justice, and are super proud of the Great Taste Award it gained in 2020.