Our 2024 coffee releases… so far

Our 2024 coffee releases… so far

We are halfway through 2024, and what a year it has been! This year, we’ve introduced nine exceptional coffees, each with its own unique story and flavour profile. As we reach the middle of the year, we’re taking a moment to look back at the incredible coffees we’ve shared with you so far in 2024.
Our single-origin coffees, from the fruity Roger Chilcon Flores to the tropical Damo, have quickly become favourites among our team and customers. While some have already sold out due to their popularity, most of these are still available for you to enjoy. Here’s a brief overview of our 2024 coffee lineup, starting with our first launch in January.

Roger Chilcon Flores - Peru

Launched in January, Roger Chilcon Flores offers a medley of flavours like cranberry jam, almonds, honey, orange marmalade, and cocoa. Roger manages the picking, processing, and drying of his coffee on his 3-hectare farm in El Diamante, ensuring the highest quality beans.

Damo – Ethiopia

February saw the arrival of Damo, a hot tropical punch with a big hit of pineapple followed by strawberry and a sweet lime finish. This Ethiopian coffee, grown under the shade of native trees in Sidamo, sold out in weeks thanks to its fresh, tropical, and tangy profile.

Fuyan - China

In celebration of Chinese New Year, we introduced Fuyan, our first-ever Chinese coffee. This "fruit salad in a cup" with hints of red grape, blueberry, and candied fruit comes from the diverse Fuyan Farm in Yunnan Province, China.

Kalingwe - Uganda

Next came Kalingwe, our second African coffee of the year, offering sharp orange and strawberry flavours with a creamy body. This coffee highlights the high-quality, naturally processed beans from the foothills of the Rwenzoris.

Kalingwe coffee from Uganda

Pinhal - Brazil

Our first Brazilian coffee of the year, Pinhal, is an Arara micro-lot with citrus, berry, and stone fruit flavours. Sourced from Pedro Gabbarra at Fazenda Pinhal, it supports sustainability and collaborates with artist Kim Tilyer, with proceeds benefiting Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Lala Salama Sparkling Water Decaf - Rwanda

In mid-March, we launched our third African coffee of the year. This time, Lala Salama Sparkling Water Decaf, which has fresh, crisp decaf with hints of green apple, cinnamon, and raisin. Grown by over 1000 cooperative farmers in Rwanda, this coffee is decaffeinated using the sparkling water method to preserve its flavour.

Dulce Misterio Geisha - Colombia

At the end of March, we introduced Dulce Misterio Geisha from Colombia. This floral, complex coffee has hints of jasmine tea, lime, and bubblegum (yes, you read that right, bubblegum). It showcases the unique soil characteristics and meticulous fermentation processes of Mauricio Duque’s farm.

Pink Bourbon - Colombia

In May, we added yet another Colombian coffee to our range. This time, it was Jorge Mira’s Pink Bourbon, which bursting with grapefruit sharpness, praline sweetness, and floral hops. Grown at El Jaragual farm in Colombia, this vibrant and intricate coffee benefits from refined processing techniques and great care.

Mutambu Hill - Burundi

Our latest release is Mutambu Hill from Burundi, bringing big grapefruit and orange flavours with a hint of coconut. Grown by smallholders Gerome Ndayahaga and Speciose Nyandwi, this anaerobically fermented coffee is bright, vibrant, and crisp. We think it is the perfect addition to our African collection.

Coming soon...

It’s been a fantastic start to the year, filled with fantastic coffee and there’s more to come! We’re buzzing to announce a Kenyan coffee will soon be dropping on our website, as well as two more Colombians (you can never have too much Colombian coffee in our eyes). Following the success of Damo earlier this year, we have not one, but two, Ethiopian coffees coming very very soon!
And of course, as we head into the colder months, we’ll be launching our Midnight Harvest and Festive Blend, which may be slightly different this year.
We’re thrilled to have shared these incredible coffees with you and look forward to what the rest of 2024 has in store. Explore these unique flavours and discover your new favourite brew by shopping the range here.