Pink Bourbon | Special Release



Tasting Notes:

Grapefruit Praline Hops



Jorge Mira's Pink Bourbon is bursting with grapefruit sharpness, praline sweetness and floral hops. It's got everything you want in the morning: coffee, pastry and juice. 

El Jaragual farm is in Amalfi, Antioquia, in the North of Colombia. Jorge Mira oversees the growing of many premium varietals of coffee at El Jaragual, which spans 150 hectares at an altitude of 1500 MASL. Large portions of the farm is dedicated forest, both conserved native and managed sustainable pine (Jorge was a forestry engineer). Refined processing techniques enhance and stabilise the aromatic qualities present in the coffee beans.  Extended fermentation, yeast inoculation, warm rinses and cold quenches are all used to take the pink bourbon coffee to the next level of flavour.  

Pink Bourbon is both vibrant and intricate and the result of great care and invention.

Limited Release coffee is roasted and dispatched each Friday. The cut-off for orders is Friday at 8am. Any other items in your order will be dispatched at the same time.

Amalfi, Antioquia

El Jaragual is a 150 hectare farm, 1500 MASL, in Amalfi, Antioquia, Colombia.  Situated in the Northern Andes it is the perfect location to grow premium coffee varietals.

Bright, Juicy and Complex

We pick up on notes of grapefruit, praline, and hops. There is a marshmallow sugar-like sweetness, and lingering floral notes with every sip.

Advanced Processing

Jorge's processing methods are meticulous and controlled.  The beans are washed at 45°C to create a thermal shock. Then an extended fermentation with select yeasts for 62 hours at below 25°C.  The fermentation is then sealed with a 5°C wash before drying occurs at 40°C.  

Bright Intensity

Bright Intensity

This Pink Bourbon varietal is highly sought-after for its complexity and floral notes. These flavours are refined and enhanced by Jorge Mira's advanced processing techniques.

Brew Guide



20g coffee, 360ml water. Total brew time = 3:00.


1:18 ratio, steeped for 4 minutes and left to settle. No plunger needed!

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Advanced Processing

Jorge Mira

1. Harvesting: This is carried out ensuring a minimum of 90% ripe cherry.
2. Floating: This ensures the removal of green, overripe, and dry cherries.
3. Oxidation: This is done in food grade plastic drums for 24 hours.
4. Pulping: The cherries are pulped dry.
5. Oxidation after pulping: For 24 hours in order to remove the mucilage. The 
coffee is then washed at temperatures of 45°C, creating a thermal shock.
6. Fermentation:  For 62 hours at temperatures below 25°C with specific yeast.
7. Fermentation completion: After 62 hours, the coffee is washed at temperatures of 5°C to seal the fermentation.
8. Drying: After the 62 hours of fermentation, the coffee goes into drying, which 
is carried out for 76 hours at average temperatures of 40°C.
9. Stabilisation: This is done in grainpro - type bags.