Tasting Notes:

Red Grape Blueberry Candied Fruits



China Fuyan is a fruit salad in a cup. Red grape, blueberry and candied fruit flavours dominate this exceptional natural coffee. 

Mrs Na and Mr Li manage Fuyan Farm and washing station which is located in Menglian region of Yunnan Province in South-West China. The farm itself is defined by its diversity - farm animals, other agriculture (wild orchids, chillies, herbs and specialty grade tea) - which is vital for any quality product. Macadamia nut and fruit trees provide a diverse, shaded growing conditions for the Catimor coffee trees that thrive at an altitude of 1600-1700 MASL.


Menglian Dai, Yunnan Province, China

Fuyan farm and washing station is managed by Mrs Na and Mr Li

The farm spans 80 acres at 1,600-1,700 MASL in Menglian Dai, Lahu and Va Autonomous County, Yunna Province, in South-West China

Vibrant, Berries and Sweet

Enjoy fruit salad in a cup - red grapes, blueberry and candied fruits.  An exquisite natural coffee from the Yunnan foothills of South-West China.


The natural process requires skill and attention to get right. The ripe coffee cherry is picked and left out to ferment in the sun,  turned regularly so that no mould grows. The enzymatic reactions that occur here sink right into the seed (or bean), and leave you with a coffee that's full of funkiness and complexity. 

The process historically was common in places with less water available, but you'll see it all over the world these days, in producer's quests to find wild results in their lots.

Fruity Intensity

Fruity Intensity

Naturally processed coffees have that heady funkiness that might not be your traditional idea of intense, but they're powerful nonetheless. Fuyan is a fine example of a clean, well processed natural that shows off how complex coffee can be. 

Brew Guide



1:16 ratio, steeped for 4 minutes and left to settle. No plunger needed!


35g coffee, 150ml water, brewed in 1:30. Dilute to taste with 150-200ml water.

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