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Orange Blackberry Plum



Citrus, berry, and stone fruits are all at play in this extraordinary Brazilian coffee. Brazil Pinhal is an Arara single-variety microlot, that packs a delightful array of intricate flavours. Upfront there is a big orange hit, then a stone fruit sweetness before a tangy berry finish.
Ripe Arara cherries were fermented for 3 days, before being dried at a consistent temperature for 5 days.  The result is an extremely well-balanced, characterful coffee that has an abundance of fruit flavours.
In 2019, Fazenda Pinhal won the award for Brazil's most sustainable coffee farm. The farm is 100% run off solar energy, is two-thirds nature reserve, forest and pasture land, whilst also being a sanctuary to rehabilitate injured birds.
£2 from every box of Pinhal and £4 from every kilo sold will be donated to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to support their great work.


This coffee is sourced from the Fazenda Pinhal Farm located in the traditional region of Campo das Vertentes.

Bold, Zesty & Unique

The Pinhal Microlot starts by imparting a rich tang that relents to give way to the more subtle flavours of wild berries and stone fruit.


The natural process requires skill and attention to get right. The ripe coffee cherry is picked and left out to ferment in the sun, turned regularly so that no mould grows. The enzymatic reactions that occur here sink right into the seed (or bean), and leave you with a coffee that's full of funkiness and complexity. 

The process historically was common in places with less water available, but you'll see it all over the world these days, in producer's quests to find wild results in their lots.

Fruity Intensity

Fruity Intensity

The natural process has imparted a complex range of flavours upon the Pinhal, refined and clean while remaining zesty on the pallet.

Brew Guide



18g in, 40g out, extracted over 27(±3) seconds.


1:16 ratio, steeped for 4 minutes and left to settle. No plunger needed!

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