Lala Salama - Sparkling Water Decaf



Tasting Notes:

Green Apple Cinnamon Raisin



Lala Salama Sparkling Water Decaf has a fresh, crisp zing with a sweet spice finish. Green apple, cinnamon and raisin flavours all meld together delightfully.  Like a spiced apple pie, you will be left wanting another slice... well mug.

Lala Salama means 'Sleep Well' in Swahili, which is very appropriate. Grown by over 1000 cooperative farmers at an altitude of 1700-1800 MASL, the red bourbon cherries are then processed at the Gitega Hills Station in the Cyanika sector of Central Rwanda.  All farmers are supplied with organic compost, from recycled cherry pulp and animal manure, to enrich their coffee trees.  The enrichment pays off, as the beans are packed with flavour.  They are then decaffeinated via the sparkling water method, to create a full-flavoured Rwandan decaf.

If you love Rwandan coffee but are not buzzing about caffeine, Lala Salama is the one for you. There is so much going on in the cup, without you staying up.

Gitega Hills

Lala Salama is produced by the Rwanda Trading Company, who work with over 1000 cooperative farmers in the Gitega Hills, Cyanika Sector, Central Rwanda.

Full flavour minus the buzz

Lala Salama Sparkling Water Decaf - 'Sleep Well' in Swahili -  has notes of green apple, cinnamon and raisin.  It is a full flavoured coffee, without the caffeine hit.

Sparkling Water Decaf

  1. The green beans are soaked / cleaned in water, this allows the pores to open up as the beans expand and the caffeine to become mobile.
  2. Pressured Carbon Dioxide is introduced, this combined with the present water creates sparkling water. The CO2 acts like a magnet to the caffeine molecules, extracting it from the beans.
  3. The water is then drained into an evaporator which precipitates the caffeine rich carbon dioxide out of the water
  4. This cycle is repeated until the caffeine level is low enough to be classified as decaf
  5. The decaffeinated coffee beans are then gently dried until it reaches its original moisture content and is then ready for roasting.
Medium Intensity

Medium Intensity

This is a medium roast coffee with great complexity and character. It is sweet, with a little spice and sticky fruit, it's a coffee to savour.

Brew Guide



18g in, 36g out, extracted over 27(±3) seconds.


35g coffee, 150ml water, brewed in 1:30. Dilute to taste with 150-200ml water.

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