Callum Hall | Operations & Sales Coordinator

Callum Hall | Operations & Sales Coordinator

Name and Occupation

Callum Hall - Operations and Sales Coordinator


How did you get into coffee?


Originally it had been through the need for gogo juice on early mornings, then through working at a Café/Bar. My journey only really began when I started with Rounton Coffee in early 2021!


What is it that you like about coffee specifically? 


For me, it’s the ever-changing nature of the industry, and having a chance to make an impact in it. There is so much amazing coffee out there to try - I think there is a coffee for everyone, whether it's an approachable all-day drinking type, or something mindblowing and funky


What is your favourite coffee origin, and why? 


I've found that all coffees have their merits in one way or another, so I try to accept every coffee for what it is… That said… I just can’t deny Sumatran coffee will always have a place in the cupboard! There’s just something about the earthy meatiness of it that I just love.


Washed or Natural, and why? 


I'm usually on the side of naturals - their funkiness is undeniable! Two Stories never fails to hit the spot. 


How do you drink yours? 


It’s espressos and flat whites for me! 


What is your proudest achievement in coffee? 


Making the move into being Account Manager really gives me the chance to feel I’m a part of something bigger. Helping our Wholesale Partners has been great fun and I can’t wait to do more with the role!


If you were not working in coffee, what would you be doing? 


I think I would be pretty stuck if I wasn’t doing what I am now... If anything I think I would probably look at a career as a chef or going back to restaurants. 


If you could change one thing in the coffee industry, what would that be? 


Having such a customer-facing role, I'd say it's about doing a better job of communicating that coffee doesn't come out of thin air... In fact, thousands of hours go into every cup from growing, processing, transport, roasting, packaging, and more transport. For me, it's about sharing the story of the whole journey of coffee, so that as much care is taken in making your drink as in the rest of the process.


What do you do away from coffee? 


Usually, I can be found up a mountain, paddleboarding on a river, swimming in the sea, or in the kitchen cooking up something delicious... Wherever I am I’ll have my trusty AeroPress with me along for the ride!