Daybreak Blend



Tasting Notes:

Rich Dark Chocolate Treacle



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Daybreak Blend 1 Star Great Taste Award Winner | 2023 | 2022 | 2021 | 2020

Daybreak Blend is made up of two uncompromising coffees, designed to help you tackle whatever the world throws at you.

With our Daybreak, we want to show that exclusive, specialty coffee can (and should) be your go-to, even if you're just looking for "a proper cup of coffee". 

An excellent blend regardless of your brewing method!


  • 50% - Guatemala La Bolsa
  • 50% - Peru El Diamante

Guatemala & Peru

These countries show off some of the best elements of coffees from Guatemala and Peru. They both have all the richness you would hope for in a blend, but with lots of natural sweetness and fruity complexity.

Bold & Sweet

We searched high and low for those beans that suited a little extra time in the roaster, and this is the end result. Their deep chocolate notes punch through, making them a great choice with or without milk. It's no wonder that the Great Taste Award judges praised Daybreak for its "thick body and very satisfying finish"!


Ripe coffee cherries are picked, and sorted to remove any defects. They then pass through a depulper, where the flesh of the cherry is removed, leaving behind a sticky mucilage layer. Next, the beans are fermented, and the mucilage layer breaks down, leaving a clean coffee bean behind.

Daybreak Blend

Higher Intensity

Daybreak ticks all the boxes: it's moreish and satisfying, with just the right amount of body. Dig a little deeper, and you'll find a pairing of coffees that we have spent countless hours working on, each bringing their own nuances to the table.

Brew Guide



18g in, 40g out. Extracted in 30(±3) seconds.


16g coffee, 250g water. Total brew time = 2 minutes

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Daybreak Blend

Great Taste Award Winning

If you're after something just a little bit more bold than usual, without being over the top and dark - Daybreak is the answer. It's rich instead of mellow, but doesn't lose any of the natural sweetness of the coffees it's made of.

Daybreak has won in the Great Taste Awards for two years in a row, with the judges loving its "thick, chocolatey notes" and "lovely tight intensity". 

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