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Tasting Notes:

Peach Honey Brown Sugar


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Rwanda - Rwamatamu - 2 Star Great Taste Award Winner | 2023

We believe that great coffee should be accessible, no matter how you brew it, so we've simplified things. Introducing Rwanda Rwamatamu Home Compostable Coffee Pods.

Our new Rwanda Rwamatamu Home Compostable Nespresso® compatible pods contain the same specialty coffee you know and love, with all the convenience of pushing a single button.

Rwamatamu is a new way to enjoy bright and juicy coffee - the kind of which you'd typically only get from a pour-over brew. 

We think that Rwamatamu is best enjoyed as a slightly longer brew. Try a longer 80-100ml brew to let the coffee open up and show off all of its complexity. Of course, you can always go for a traditional espresso-style shot of 35-40ml, for a bit more punch.

Oh, and did we mention? Our Nespresso® compatible pods are fully home compostable, so they'll be gone in 6 months when you're done with them (and here's the proof). You're welcome.

Flavour notes:

  • Peach
  • Honey
  • Brown Sugar

Lake Kivu, Rwanda

With stunning views overlooking Lake Kivu, Rwamatamu is as picturesque as the coffee is tasty. High altitudes of over 2000masl and regular rainfall make this the ideal place for producing bright, washed coffees.

Sweet & Floral

Notes of ripe juicy peach and nectarine are at the forefront of this lot, with floral honey and warming brown sugar in the background. Incredibly well processed, clean and complex.


Ripe coffee cherries are picked, and sorted to remove any defects. They then pass through a depulper, where the flesh of the cherry is removed, leaving behind a sticky mucilage layer. Next, the beans are fermented, and the mucilage layer breaks down, leaving a clean coffee bean behind. The beans are then carefully dried, resulting in a clean-tasting coffee with natural sweetness and complexity.

Fruity Intensity

Fruity Intensity

With bright juiciness reminiscent of ripe peaches, and the complexity of its floral notes, Rwamatamu has an intense natural sweetness that is delicious as a longer brew.

Brew Guide



Extend your shot and aim for 80-100ml, to really open up the fruity qualities of this coffee.


We suggest a 35-40ml shot to replicate a traditional espresso.

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About The Coffee

From Rwanda via Teesside

When “responsibly sourced coffee” is part of your mission, the beauty is that it becomes more possible to achieve as time goes on.

We’ve been able to foster some amazing relationships over the last few years, and this is the closest one yet - one that started out in our very own Bedford St. Coffee when Bernice was working as a barista while studying at Teesside University.

Since starting to take over operations back home, we've had hours of fantastic conversation with Bernice and her husband, Luke. We're incredibly fortunate to be able to have such close links to Rwamatamu, and we're excited to continue the meaningful dialogue for years to come.

About Our Pods


Part of our mission as a coffee company is to create an accessible specialty coffee experience, without any unneccessary impact on the environment. When developing our pods, the holy grail was pod that you can pop in your own compost, food waste, or even in your plant pots!

We searched high and low for the right solution, so that when we unveiled our pods to the world, we could be confident we were doing it the right way. Read more about our development process below.

Yes! Our pods are truly home compostable, which means they don't need to be sent to an industrial compost facility. When you're done brewing, there are several options to dispose of your coffee pods. As they're full of nitrogen-rich coffee grounds, they're ideal for the garden. 

Pop them in your compost or dig them into plant pots or raised beds - whatever you choose to do, they'll be gone in six months. Read more here.

Our specialty coffee pods are are made from biopolymers and organic matter such as cereals. They're sourced locally, when possible, from the fields around the Vegeplast manufacturing plant in the south of France. VegeCap pods do not contain any petrol-based plastic nor BTA or PFC.

Our coffee pods are Nespresso® compatible, so they're great with a huge range of machines (including the OPAL). You could even take a box of them with you to hotels, or to relatives who might need to up their coffee game!

It takes just six months for our coffee pods to decompose in your home compost. We suggest having a ratio of about 1/3 'wet' materials (fruit and veg scraps, grass cuttings, garden waste) and 2/3 'dry' waste (dry grass, potting soil, dried leaves, eggshells etc). The pods have been certified as 'OK Home Compostable' by TUV Austria.

Want to see the proof? See how they break down here.

We do indeed! Whether it's the Rich Roast, our Sparkling Water Decaf, or a bright and juicy option from Rwanda, our home compostable pods are the easiest way to enjoy our coffee yet.