What are VegeCap Coffee Pods?

What are VegeCap Coffee Pods?

If you've been following our journey into coffee pod research, you'll know that the search for a truly environmentally-friendly pod is not a simple one. Part of our mission as a coffee company is to create an accessible specialty coffee experience, without any uneccessary impact on the environment. So, when we started to look into our own range of Nespresso® compatible pods, we knew that we had to get it right first time. Plastic pods were a definite no, and despite their recyclability, aluminium pods didn't seem like the best choice either. What we needed was a truly compostable pod, which could be easily disposed of at your own home. Enter VegeCap...

VegeCap Coffee Pod

How did VegeCap Begin?

Vegecap is a revolutionary environmentally friendly coffee capsule made entirely of vegetable materials. Much of the cereals that make up VegeCap pods are produced in the south of France, by farmers local to the Vegeplast factory. Vegeplast was founded in 1996, when Vincent Pluquet approached the University of Toulouse in order to recycle agricultural waste. In 2003, after seven years of research, an innovative material was developed, Vegemat.

The factory itself is a leader in sustainable solutions, dedicated to protecting the environment through its biodegradable and compostable materials. Powered entirely by renewable energy, it takes farm-generated agricultural waste and converts them into useful ingredients for these plant-based plastics. As such, the farmers have become crucial players within a tight, circular ecosystem. Vegeplast dedicate 10% of their turnover to R&D projects, allowing them to push forward as world-leaders in sustainability.

Using VegeCap for Specialty Coffee Pods

Naturally, VegeCap coffee pods seemed like the ideal choice for our coffee. As well as their environmental credentials, they have all the quality required to ensure that the coffee inside the pods tastes as great as we know it can. The pods have a tight oxygen barrier, meaning that freshness is preserved from the roaster, right up until you make your brew. Most importantly, these are Nespresso® compatible pods, so they're great with a huge range of machines (including the OPAL). You could even take a box of them with you to hotels, or to relatives who might need to up their coffee game!

Opal Pod Machine | Rounton Coffee Roasters

Home compostable coffee pods

When you're done brewing, there are several options to dispose of your coffee pods. As they're full of nitrogen-rich coffee grounds, they're ideal for the garden. Pop them in your compost or dig them into plant pots or raised beds - whatever you choose to do, they'll be gone in six months. They're a truly home-compostable product, so there's no need to worry about the industrial composting route, which we were really keen to avoid when developing our coffee pods.

We're very pleased to have found what we consider to be the ideal solution in VegeCap. All that remains is to start brewing! Whether it's the Rich Roast, our Sparkling Water Decaf, or a bright and juicy option from Rwanda, our home compostable, Nespresso® compatible pods are the easiest way to enjoy our coffee yet. Buy them here.