The Granary Blend: a relationship, and a positive change.

The Granary Blend: a relationship, and a positive change.

Change is inevitable - paradoxically, it's the only real constant in our lives. It can stir up a whole storm of emotions, and we're often not ready for it. However, like the passing of the seasons, we somehow seem to weather the storms and make it through to sunnier times.

Rounton Coffee heads into its 10th year of business next year. Although we have changed in so many ways, we've always stayed true to one thing - the fundamental reason for digging in so hard and making it work. Relationships: established through time and experiences; realising that we are one of many in a complex chain; aspiring to the common goal of doing the right thing, even when it's the hardest path.

Getting relationships right will always lead to change. As we and the people we work with grow, new opportunities arise, and we find ourselves able to do things that we could only dream of ten years ago.

What are we changing, and why?

The Granary Blend was our first blend, named after the beautiful granary building where we roast our coffee. The Granary Blend has been evolving subtly over time - the component origins have stayed the same, but the individual farms and cooperatives have always changed with the seasons.

More than any other coffee, The Granary Blend has taught me so much about this complex industry. Brazil has always provided the majority percentage of the blend because of its mellow, nutty, and pleasing caramel tones. El Salvador offers a rich flavour profile that lifts the blend to the next level. Finally, Sumatran coffees give that big bold body that brings everything together, creating a blend that has stood the test of time.

So why are we changing things?

Our goal at Rounton Coffee has always been to create long-lasting, meaningful relationships. Over the last 10 years, we have had the pleasure of starting, developing and maintaining many. More recently, I have witnessed first-hand how vital it is to have robust relationships in place in times of volatility. The need to come together as collectives and stand by each other when things become turbulent is vital for everyone involved in the supply chain.

As a business that focuses on quality and sustainability, this is an area that we work very hard on. This leads me to why we are changing out a component of the Granary blend and will hopefully provide an insight into why we think this is a positive change.

The first bag of coffee from Rwenzori Coffee Co.

The first bag of coffee from Rwenzori Coffee Co. - 18/09/2018


The story begins almost 4 years ago now.
As with many great things in life, they seem to happen when you least expect them. I wasn’t looking for a new coffee at the time, but when we had a surprise visit from Martin Rowland of Rwenzori Coffee Co, carrying a sack of freshly landed Ugandan coffee, I couldn't say no. We were having a lot of success with our Ethiopian natural coffee at the time, and it just felt right to explore this new opportunity. Little did I know, the relationship I was about to embark on would grow into something very impactful, and become the driving force for future plans.

We're excited to announce that we'll soon be releasing the first batches of The Granary Blend, featuring its new Ugandan component. Change isn’t something we take lightly, so this project has been in the works for some time. We've been working hard to preserve the flavour profile of the Granary Blend you know and love, while giving this exceptional Ugandan coffee a chance to shine.

You may already be familiar with the work we are doing behind the scenes in Uganda - you may have even contributed the ACE2030 project, which you can read about here. By including Uganda as part of the Granary Blend's recipe, we are now able to plant more trees, better support community projects, and have a real tangible impact at origin.

When the Rounton Coffee journey started with a visit to Sumatra, we had a vision to be a force for good in the coffee industry. We have always sought to make relationships that lead to the best possible impact, and the best tasting coffee. 10 years later, the dream we had in Sumatra is becoming a reality in Uganda. Buy the Granary Blend here.

Happy brewing,