Water Filtration in Commercial Coffee Machines

Water Filtration in Commercial Coffee Machines

In the bustling world of cafes, the heart of the operation is without a doubt the coffee machine. Behind the scenes, this machine works tirelessly, transforming beans into delectable coffee, cup after cup, to satisfy customers. Yet, amongst all the brewing, there's a silent hero often overlooked - the water filtration system.

For cafe owners, maintaining their coffee machine isn't just a convenience—it's essential for business sustainability.

The problems water can cause

If you’ve noticed your coffee machine is struggling, water filtering through could have caused damage. Water plays a critical role in coffee; for instance, filter coffee is 98% water, highlighting its significance in the brewing process. However, not all water is created equal; water minerality changes from region to region. Without proper filtration, the inside of the machine becomes a breeding ground for malfunctions, ultimately reducing the machine's lifespan.

For cafe owners, the implications are profound. A neglected water filtration system isn't a minor inconvenience; it's a catalyst for costly repairs and compromised coffee quality.

The importance of using the correct water filtration system

Water filters use carbon, zinc, and copper to remove chlorine, heavy metals, and bad taste, ensuring fresher water. The right filter can notably extend your machine's lifespan, benefiting both you and your business.

Filters in commercial coffee machines can last for one year, but it depends on volume and location. Around 60% of people in the UK are in a hard water area. This is where potable water has a high mineral content which could mean the filter needs to be changed every six months.

What's the solution?

Using the right water filter helps to keep your equipment in the best condition, resulting in time and money savings. If you have any questions about water filtration, get in touch with the Rounton team.

For peace of mind that your coffee machine is working as it should, the ideal solution is the BRITA PURITY C iQ. While it is not the cheapest option, it will give you visibility, it is easy to install and it is self-regulating. You can watch a handy video about the BRITA PURITY C iQ filter here.

In conclusion, a working coffee machine with the correct water filtration system could be the difference between smooth operations and a cascade of setbacks. By prioritising water filtration, cafe owners ensure their machines run efficiently, produce high-quality coffee, and enjoy extended lifespans. This ultimately contributes to the success and sustainability of their businesses.