The Granary is Open!!

The Granary is Open!!

Our Mission in all of this is to create a beautiful space in a beautiful place, and to roast great coffee, and we want everybody to be a part of it… It has been a painful few months, our hands have blisters, there is dust in our eyes, we are tired from all the work that we have done… but to be able to look now at what we have managed to achieve with only a few of us hardcore workers over every weekend for the past 8 months!! We all ought to be rather pleased…

Credit for this must go to Tracy Lee (My Soulmate), Steven Sinton (Work Horse and Grafter), Paul Jennis (A hard worker, surprisingly), Dave Burton (Mr Wood Design himself), Mark Brooke (Master Craftsman), Jacob Tillyer Smith (The Speaker Maker), Ryan Lee (He got a PS3 Game out of it), Tom Walls (Demolition Man) without these people then this would not have happened so quickly, if at all….

We are 95% of the way there now… we just need a female touch, some soft furnishings and perhaps some central heating…. but that can wait….. now for the Coffee!! Here are a few pictures that we collected on the way for you to browse through.

Starting was the hard part, as we really didn’t know what to start on… So for months we just cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, and from there it just seemed to develop naturally…

Of course, our work is never complete… we still have lots of space to occupy, and as we grow, we will fill out that space and hopefully make it better than what it is today!! Keep posted for more information which we will post to keep you updated on what is happening at The Granary.