Coffee and Conservation | Brewing Change for Wildlife

Coffee and Conservation | Brewing Change for Wildlife

We’re launching a new coffee - one that goes beyond simply introducing a new coffee but makes a meaningful difference in the coffee and conservation worlds.


You may remember our founder David visited Brazil in the summer of 2023 (and we haven’t stopped going on about it since) and met Pedro Gabarra and his family at Fazenda Pinhal. 

Rounton Coffee founder David Beattie and coffee farmer Pedro Gabarra

The Wings Project

Brazil is responsible for producing almost a third of the world’s coffee and as a result, has some awesome farmers. Few, in our opinion, are as good as Pedro and the beans produced on his farm, Fazenda Pinhal. Pedro and his sister Mariana's passion for coffee and the environment has shaped the farm, which has won sustainability awards and is carbon-negative.


At Fazenda Pinhal, it’s not just about coffee, but coffee and conservation. Pinhal is a farm that does some remarkable work with the (ASAS) Wings Project (asas is the Portuguese word for wings). The charity releases captured birds that have been held in captivity or have been trafficked across Brazil. The Wings Project aims to reintroduce illegally traded or mistreated animals to their natural environment. Mariana is the one who embraced the project and made it possible.


Brazil, known for its rich avian diversity, faces challenges in protecting its threatened bird species, making projects like ASAS vital for conservation efforts. The illegal trade of wild animals, which is mainly birds, comes third behind its illegal drugs and weapons trade.


After authorities seize birds from illegal trade, they undergo a 15-day quarantine and rehabilitation process to receive treatment. Following this, farms such as Fazenda Pinhal house them for two weeks for acclimatization before releasing them into the wild. During his visit, David met birds that have made Pinhal their home (and found out how sharp their beaks are).

David Beattie with a bird rescued by the Wings Project in Brazil


Our commitment to conservation

The passion for caring for the environment and wildlife that Pedro and Mariana share resonates with the Rounton team. As well as our partnerships with 1% for the Planet and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, we're proud to be able to shine a light on this initiative.


Rounton Coffee is releasing a limited edition coffee, sourced from the same farm. With every box of this micro lot sold, we will be donating £2 off the RRP to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and we aim to raise £2000. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is a charity dedicated to conserving, protecting, and restoring wildlife and wild places in Yorkshire. Established in 1946, the trust has grown to manage over 100 nature reserves, fostering meaningful connections between people and nature. We began supporting the wildlife initiative through our 1% for the Planet pledge and have since become a Corporate Member.


So, why do we support Yorkshire Wildlife Trust? Because, like the Wings Project, they are dedicated to preserving our natural world for future generations. By protecting local habitats and engaging communities in conservation efforts, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust embodies values close to our hearts.


We’re lucky to be working in collaboration with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Pedro on this launch. Moreover, we've worked with local artist Kim Tillyer who has created an awesome design for the packaging of this coffee. The design incorporates our partnership with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the Wings Project and shines a light on the endangered wildlife across the world.


Take action

On February 29th, we’re hosting a Q&A with David and Pedro where we’ll be discussing Brazilian coffee and the Wings Project. We’ll be asking our followers to submit any questions they have about coffee and conservation. Send us your question, and tune in on the day to receive a response.


We believe that every cup of Brazil Pinhal represents more than just a delicious coffee. It's a symbol of our commitment to sustainability, conservation and making a positive impact on the world.


Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for our new launch coming very soon!