A Warm Welcome from Rounton Coffee

A Warm Welcome from Rounton Coffee

As you may have seen on our website we roast our speciality coffee from a very unique old granary built in 1907. We have been working on our Roastery in North Yorkshire now for a year. We were handed the keys in September and we have worked really hard to get to the stage where we are now. We can now confidently say we have A Roastery!

We have the privilege to work in such a beautiful environment. That is why we always welcome visitors to come over to share the experience. Whether you own a business or you’re simply just interested in coffee, we open our doors to you. We are exclusively a coffee roaster so we do need our quiet time to get on with our work, but we always make time for appointments for anybody who would like to come over and find out a little more about us and what we do. We have had many visitors through our door since we opened. It is always really nice to meet new people and we love to talk coffee! We offer free tastings and if you do enjoy what we have to offer you can always go away with some coffee that we have freshly roasted.

Everything is prepared, roasted and packed at our Roastery. We have a great little production line which starts over at the green bean area then to the roaster, next to the roaster we have our scales and packing area and then over to our grinder, espresso machine and brewing equipment. Then we have our very special centrepiece which is our spool cupping table, not quite to the SCAA standards, but it does the job. Everything is hand weighed, packed, stamped, stickered and sealed by hand. It’s a long and laborious job but it’s worth it when we hand it over to our very happy customers.

We offer a bespoke service and roast all of our coffees on demand which means we are not always in our Roastery. If you would like visit Rounton Coffee please e-mail us through our website and we will get straight back to you. We wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone dropping by and us not be there 😉

All we ask is that if you enjoy your experience share it with your friends!