Victoria Arduino - MDH

The MDH is a new grinder intended to be a perfect companion of the coffee machine settled in the office, a B&B, or any small location, but preserving the high quality that you would find at any quality espresso bar. 

Great For Little Locations

MDH incorporates the most recent innovative technologies in terms of silence, consistency of ground coffee (grinds up to 0.5 kg per day), and is particularly suitable in small places where it delivers all the same quality of larger models.

Nice and quiet

Sound dampening technology

Sound-dampening technology helps to eliminate vibrations, allowing it to operate without the worry of excess noise. This grinder is able to hold the portafilter while it is dosing, so you can easily focus on other tasks during the grinding process.

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Dimensions WxHxD Power Voltage Bean Hopper Capacity Burrs Productivity (Kg/h) Net Weight
156x 382x 213mm 260 W 110-220 V 50Hz 0.5kg 50 mm 12kg 5kg