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Storm Tea - Greenfields Estate Green Tea (Teabags)

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Our green leaf tea is from the Thotulagalla Tea Garden which is part of the Greenfield Estate in the Uva highlands of Sri Lanka. High up in the mountains the tender young tea leaves are carefully plucked before being steamed and pan-fired. The result is a light and pleasing flavour with delicate hints of summer meadows and sweet tobacco.

What is in this product?

Ingredients: Green tea*. *Certified organic.

How to make the perfect Greenfields Estate Green Tea:

Place 1 Greenfields Estate Green Tea pyramid into a cup/mug or small teapot, add boiling water and brew for between 5 and 7 mins. When brewing loose leaves in a teapot using 1 teaspoon of leaf per person with 250mls of water per person.