Puqpress - M3

Tamp Diameter

Tamping is an important part of a barista’s craft, but doing it by hand hundreds of times a day damages shoulders and wrists.

So why not let Puqpress deliver the perfect tamp for you? No strain or pain, more time for creativity, craftsmanship and customers.

Place your MAHLKÖNIGs E65S or E65S GbW on top and instantly increase your consistency significantly.

We swear by the Puqpress range, and would recommend them to anyone looking to up their consistency and improve workflow. 

5 – 30 KG Pressure Range
Adjust the pressure in steps of 1kg and repeat your shots with incredible consistency.

No need for counter space
Simply place your grinder on top an start serving consistent coffees easily.

Unlimited tamps; 2 year warranty
Causes zero suction for a tighter sealed coffee bed.

Puqpress M3


Net weight:    4.6KG
Dimensions(DxWxH):    28.3×19.4×14.7cm
Input:       110-240Vac 50-60Hz
Power:    76 W
Tamper diameter:    58.0 – 58.3mm
Suitable for:    MAHLKÖNIG’s E65S & E65S GBW

- Single, double, naked and spouted portafilters.
- Non-stick tamper finish
- Force adjustment:    Steps of 1kg in the range from 5 – 30kg

Consistency guaranteed


We know it can be a challenge to keep up with the demands of barista training! The Puqpress takes away the chance of human error, so that each tamp is the same as the last, whether you're making your first ever coffee, or your 10,000th.

1 Million tamps? Easy!


The M3 comes with a two-year warranty. Regardless of the number of tamps you’ll have it do.

No need for counter space


Simply place your grinder on top an start serving consistent coffees easily.

Responsibly Sourced

We work with producers and importers who are invested in the future of the coffee industry. Doing justice to the coffees we roast isn't just about making them taste great,

 it's also about giving back in a meaningful way to the places they're from.

Sustainably Packaged

We also care about sustainability closer to home. With carbon-neutral, home-recyclable packaging, it's now easier than ever to enjoy our coffee at home without worrying about waste.

Our Future Focus

With a great team and a community that cares about sustainability, we're now focusing on more than just roasting great coffee. Our goal for the future is to bring positive change to the environment, and the place we call home.