Fellow Stagg [X] Pour-Over Set

The Stagg [X] Pour-Over Set includes 1 Stagg X Dripper, 1 Stagg Tasting Glass(10oz) and 30 Fellow filters.

Perfect your pour-over craft with the Fellow Stagg [X] Pour-Over Set. This set includes a flat-bottomed Stagg [X] Dripper with an optimized hole and bump pattern for clog-free drainage and even extraction. A handy ratio aid ensures you use the correct amount of coffee for delicious results. Serve your brew in the double-walled hand-blown Stagg Tasting Cup with its flared lip for smooth sips.

  • Professional pour-over brewing
  • Double wall insulated stainless steel dripper
  • Ratio aid helps measure coffee before brewing
  • Double wall with flared lip for better mouthfeel 
  • 10oz tasting glass made with borosilicate glass 



- Double Wall: 304 18/8 vacuum insulated stainless steel to maintain an even temperature while brewing. And because triple wall seemed like overkill 

- Steep Slope: A steep slope increases the coffee to water surface area, resulting in a greater extraction. It's science

- Ratio Aid: Stagg's ratio aid helps you measure ~20 grams(one dot) or ~40 grams(two dots) of coffee before brewing. Bonus: Use it as a drip cup after you're done brewing

- Flared Lip: Outward flared lip delivers coffee to front of tongue for more flavour

- Double to Single Wall: Double wall body for insulation. Easy to sip single wall lip

- Borosilicate Glass: The Arnold Schwarzenegger of glass. Strong and durable

Responsibly Sourced

We work with producers and importers who are invested in the future of the coffee industry. Doing justice to the coffees we roast isn't just about making them taste great,

 it's also about giving back in a meaningful way to the places they're from.

Sustainably Packaged

We also care about sustainability closer to home. With carbon-neutral, home-recyclable packaging, it's now easier than ever to enjoy our coffee at home without worrying about waste.

Our Future Focus

With a great team and a community that cares about sustainability, we're now focusing on more than just roasting great coffee. Our goal for the future is to bring positive change to the environment, and the place we call home.