Dulce Misterio Geisha | Special Release



Tasting Notes:

Bubblegum Jasmine Lime



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Dulce Misterio Geisha is floral, complex and a little zingy. We picked up hints of jasmine tea, lime and bubblegum (strawberry, banana and cherry flavours combined) but there is so much more to discover.

Dulce Misterio (Sweet Mystery) Farm is located in Neira, Caldas, part of Colombia's coffee axis, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The 13-hectare farm ranges from 1,850 to 2,000 MASL. Owner, Mauricio Duque says the mountain has very unique soil characteristics that result in a sweeter than usual coffee crop. To let the sweetness shine, Mauricio processes his coffee with exacting fermentation standards by tightly controlling PH, temperature and time.

Great care and attention have gone into the growing, processing and roasting of Dulce Misterio Geisha, the result is an intricate

Neira, Caldas

Situated at 1,850m to 2,000 above sea level near Neira, Caldas, Dolce Misterio's unique soil characteristics make each crop sweeter than usual.

Complex & Sweet

The Geisha varietal is famed for its delicate complex notes. Expect soft notes of bubblegum, jasmine, and a hint of lime.


The natural process requires skill and attention to get right. The ripe coffee cherry is picked and left out to ferment in the sun,  turned regularly so that no mould grows. The enzymatic reactions that occur here sink right into the seed (or bean), and leave you with a coffee that's full of funkiness and complexity. 

The process historically was common in places with less water available, but you'll see it all over the world these days, in producer's quests to find wild results in their lots.

Fruity Intensity

Fruity Intensity

Geisha coffees are highly sought-after, and are unlike any other varietal. Their complexity and floral notes are there to be savoured; we think this lot is best enjoyed as a black filter coffee.

Brew Guide



20g coffee, 320ml water. Total brew time = 2:30-3:00.


1:18 ratio, steeped for 4 minutes and left to settle. No plunger needed!

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The Geisha Varietal


Geisha, or Gesha, is a varietal that has reached almost legendary status in the specialty coffee world. It's known for its floral notes, complexity and sweetness.

Originating from Gesha Village in South-Western Ethiopia, Gesha really found its place in the spotlight when it was entered into the Best of Panama competiton in 2004, and now consistently reaches record-breaking prices at auction.

Part of the reason for Gesha's exclusivity is its unique flavour profile, but it is also incredibly labour intensive. With low yields and high susceptibility to pests and disease, it is one of the hardest coffees to successfully produce.