Clever Coffee Dripper


We are huge fans of the Clever Dripper at Rounton Coffee. With all the ease of use of a cafetière, and the clean, crystal-clear results of a V60, this brewer is the best of both worlds.

Comes with 100 Filter Papers, so you’re ready to brew right away. 

Actual colour may vary 

    Brew Guide

    How To Use Your Clever Coffee Dripper

    1. Pre-wet your filter paper. 
    2. Add your water and coffee- steeping for as long as your recipe suggests. 
    3. When ready, give the grounds a stir, wait 30 seconds for them to settle.
    4. Place the Clever Dripper on the top of your cup. 
    5. When it hits the top of the cup, the valve at the bottom opens up and your coffee starts to draw down through the filter.
    6. Clever, right? Enjoy!