Agri Evolve

Agri Evolve

We’ve been working with Rwenzori Coffee Co. since 2018 – a Social Enterprise that is based in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains. As well as providing us with exceptional coffee, their commitment to community and the environment aligns well with us.

Rwenzori Coffee Co set up the ACE 2030 program, which we’re proud to support. With each bag of Ugandan coffee you buy from us, you’re also playing your part in helping shape the future of this part of the Rwenzoris.

Agri Evolve

ACE 2030 - What is it?

ACE 2030 is a 10-year programme, emphasising the integral link between Agriculture, Community and the Environment. It sets out Rwenzori Coffee Co’s involvement in each area and shows how their work has an impact not only on farmers but on communities throughout this region, and the environment where they live and work.

We support the project by paying an additional premium for the green coffee we source. The proceeds from the coffee are already invested back into coffee-producing communities. However, we wanted to take things a step further. So, for each kilo of Ugandan coffee we buy, we pay an additional 60p directly to ACE2030. Of that, 40p pays for a new tree to be planted in their nursery, and the remainder supports some incredible community projects.


Around 80% of the Rwenzori population engage primarily in farming as their daily occupation. Agriculture, whether for sustenance or commercial purposes, forms the cornerstone of this region in Uganda. Agri Evolve's dedicated efforts in the coffee industry over the past five years have led to significant progress. Their initiatives have fostered transparency in the market, provided training to farmers, generated employment opportunities for local people, and attracted foreign investment. Furthermore, they have revamped the infrastructure for coffee processing, resulting in widespread growth in the area.

The quality of coffee produced has shown consistent enhancement with each harvest, resulting in better prices for the farmers.


Agri Evolve extends its support to more than 10,000 farmers and their families, creating employment opportunities for builders, suppliers, and engaging in trade with numerous local small enterprises. Through our partnership, for every kilogram of Ugandan coffee purchased, 60 pence is allocated towards ACE 2030 initiatives. Projects include installation of pit latrines for a local school, drilling water boreholes, and backing a local organisation dedicated to providing vocational training for school dropouts.

Furthermore, Agri Evolve actively mentors and empowers youth teams to establish their own independent small businesses. In times of crisis, such as local flooding that destroys homes and infrastructure, they have also been instrumental in providing relief efforts and support to affected communities.


Agri Evolve's initiatives are driven by the crucial necessity of preserving the environment for their long-term success. The severe flooding that struck the Rwenzoris in 2020 served as a pivotal moment, prompting a heightened focus on safeguarding the region for future generations.

Furthermore, for every kilogram of Ugandan coffee purchased, a tree is planted. These concerted efforts not only mitigate environmental degradation but also foster resilience within the community, ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Since we started supporting the cause, we have bought over 8000kg of green Ugandan coffee and contributed over £5000 to the project. 

Looking forward, we're excited to continue this journey with the Agri Evolve team. If you want to support ACE2030, buy our specialty Ugandan coffee and blends.