Why We Stock William Fox Syrups

Why We Stock William Fox Syrups

Part of our mission as a speciality coffee roastery is to make coffee as accessible as possible. We value quality in every aspect - from the green beans we roast, all the way to the final drink that the customer purchases. We also know that not everyone is a 'coffee purist' like us! We believe it's important to meet people where they are in their coffee journey, and for a lot of consumers, their coffee experience includes a pump or two of syrup.

We don't think there's any place for exclusivity in coffee: if you like a dash of syrup in your drink, good for you! It's our job to find a solution that has the same quality-focused values, and luckily we have found the perfect match with William Fox. We've been working with William Fox syrups since 2022, and they've quickly opened our eyes to just how good a flavoured syrup can be.

William Fox is a Liverpool-based company that produces artisanal syrups. They focus on high-quality, preservative-free, colourless Gomme syrups - ones that taste like the real thing! We were blown away by their range when we first tried it: hazelnut syrup that tasted like real nuts; cinnamon that was floral and spicy, and real vanilla (none of that synthetic stuff)... Taste-tested next to an everyday coffee shop syrup range, the difference was night and day.

We rolled out the William Fox range to our Wholesale Partners last year, and they were an immediate hit. When you're dealing with speciality coffee which has been roasted and prepared with care and attention, it makes sense not to cut corners anywhere in the process. At Rounton Coffee, we never made a big deal about syrups in the past, as we were never confident enough to put our name next to any one brand. With William Fox that couldn't be further from the truth: they've done a pretty good job of converting some of our more die-hard coffee purists on the team!

If you'd like to stock William Fox syrups as part of your offering, you can find them over on our Wholesale Portal. Want to know more? Get in touch here today.