Hario Coffee Gift Set

The perfect gifts for coffee lovers: our best-selling gift sets

Whether it’s for Father’s Day, birthdays, or any other celebration, our top-selling gift sets are here to delight coffee lovers and casual drinks alike.

In this blog, we’re taking a deep dive into our top picks that we think will bring a smile to every coffee lover's face.

AeroPress Go

First up is the AeroPress Go, which is the ultimate on-the-go coffee brewing companion. The compact and portable coffee maker caters to travelers, adventurers, and anyone who enjoys a premium coffee experience wherever they go.

To be fair, all of our AeroPress products are popular items on our range due to the ease of use and high quality. The AeroPress coffee makers are a breakthrough in the coffee brewing process and yield the smoothest, richest, fastest coffee that you have ever tasted. It is a very popular piece of kit among the Rounton team.

So, what’s included in the AeroPress Go kit?
- AeroPress Go Coffee Maker: Durable and lightweight, it guarantees a smooth brewing process on the go
- Mug with lid: The travel mug doubles as a carrying case, perfect for enjoying coffee on the move.
- 100 microfilters
- Filter holder
- Stirrer and scoop

Whether you’re camping, hiking, or just on the go, take specialty coffee with you and enjoy every sip.

Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper Gift Set: Size 01

If pour-over coffee is more their style, the Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper Gift Set is an exceptional choice. This exclusive bundle offer includes everything need to make the perfect pour-over coffee.

In the gift set, is the V60 ceramic dripper, with a server jug and filter papers, as well as 250g of our award-winning coffee beans. You can choose from our signature Granary Blend or decaf, as well as whole bean or ground.

This set makes an ideal gift or a personal treat, allowing you to brew every cup of coffee to perfection.

AeroPress Gift Set Box

We told you our AeroPress range was popular, didn’t we? If you’re new to coffee, then the AeroPress Gift Set Box is an excellent introduction. It combines affordability with the ability to produce top-quality coffee, and who doesn’t want that?

In the gift box, we’ll throw in an Aerobie AeroPress or AeroPress Go (it’s your choice), 250g of Granary Blend, so you can start brewing great-tasting coffee immediately, and 100 filter papers. This is presented in a gift box, so you have one less thing to worry about.

AeroPress coffee gift set

Roaster's Choice Subscription (3 months)

For a gift that keeps on giving (well at least for three months that is) our Roaster's Choice subscription is perfect. Each month, our head of coffee selects one of our tasty coffees for recipients, providing a diverse range of flavours and variety.

And variety is what you will get! Over the three months, you will receive a mix of fruity and smooth coffees, so you can sample a bit of everything to find your favourite.

If three months isn’t long enough, we have a 6-month option as well as a 12-month option.

Rounton Coffee Gift Cards

Still not sure what gift set to choose? Our gift cards are a perfect choice. The digital voucher can be redeemed on our website.

This option is perfect if you’re shopping last minute or choosing a gift for someone hard to buy for. It is quick and easy to set up and sent straight to the recipient's inbox. You can also choose any value for the gift card.

Celebrate with us

Whether it’s for Father’s Day, a birthday, or just because, our top-selling gift sets are perfect for the coffee lovers in your life. They are presented in a gift box, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping. We’ll even write a personalised note to the recipient. Just leave your message in the notes section when you make your order or get in touch with the team

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