Our Home Compostable Coffee Pods Are Here

Our Home Compostable Coffee Pods Are Here

It's been a long time coming, but our Home Compostable coffee pods have now been launched! At Rounton Coffee, we try and relate everything we do back to accessibility, and so when we first started thinking about coffee pods (what seemed like a lifetime ago), we knew it was something we had to do as part of our mission.

Why Put Your Coffee In Pods?


For specialty coffee to be truly accessible, we need to offer a great experience to every coffee drinker – from home espresso enthusiasts, those who search for Limited Release microlots, and those who just want to pop in a pod, press a button and get dead good coffee. 

​Another major part of our mission as a coffee company is to do what we do, without any unnecessary impact on the environment. When developing our pods, the holy grail was pods that you can pop in your own compost, food waste, or even in your plant pots! We spent a lot of time researching whether this was even possible, or if it was just wishful thinking... You can read more about that journey here

The road to specialty coffee pods has been a long and interesting one, and we're glad we took our time to do it properly. Our range of Nespresso® compatible pods contains the same specialty coffee you know and love, with all the convenience of pushing a single button and are fully home compostable. 

Truly Home Compostable?

Yes! Our pods don't need to be sent to an industrial compost facility. When you're done brewing, there are several options to dispose of your coffee pods. As they're full of nitrogen-rich coffee grounds, they're ideal for the garden. It takes just six months for our coffee pods to decompose in your home compost. We suggest having a ratio of about 1/3 'wet' materials (fruit and veg scraps, grass cuttings, garden waste) and 2/3 'dry' waste (dry grass, potting soil, dried leaves, eggshells etc). The pods have been certified as 'OK Home Compostable' by TUV Austria. See how they break down here.


How Can I Try Them?

Whether it's the Rich Roast, our Sparkling Water Decaf, or a bright and juicy option from Rwanda, our home compostable pods are the easiest way to enjoy our coffee yet. Shop the range of pods here.