Meet Pedro Gabarra Teixeira

Meet Pedro Gabarra Teixeira

For the last two years, we’ve been buying our coffee from a group of farms belonging to Pedro Gabarra Teixeira, a sixth-generation farmer in the state of Minas Gerais, just a few hours from Belo Horizonte

Across the farms, there is a huge emphasis on sustainability, with less than a third of the farms’ hectares dedicated to coffee production. Instead, the family leave this land to live and grow naturally, with eucalyptus forests, tropical birds and various other flora and fauna.

We met Pedro for the first time last year at World Of Coffee in Berlin, where we chatted about life on the farm, and his plans for coffee production over the next few years. Since then, Pedro and his family have gone on to win the title of Brazil’s most sustainable farm, awarded as part of the ‘Fazenda Sustentável’ awards.

On accepting the award: “(Sustainability) It is a little seed that we have been planting for a long time and now we are reaping the rewards. At first, we want to change the world, but we see that we cannot, so we change what we can. Sustainability is a ladder, climbing one step each day.”

Here in East Rounton, it could be argued that we feel most at home when we’re roasting coffee from Fazenda Pinhal – after all, it makes up the bulk of the coffees that we roast!

Our Granary Blend, along with other blends, is predominantly made up of coffee sourced from the Gabarra Teixeira family – its rich chocolate and stone fruit notes make it the perfect base for a delicious espresso blend.

We were lucky enough to have Pedro visit us recently, along with Rich from Falcon Coffees. It’s not often that you can spend such quality time with a coffee producer, especially not from the comfort of your own roastery! We talked at length about how Pedro’s farms have gone from strength to strength thanks to the relationships he has been able to make around the world, and how ultimately, sustainability is the most important factor to consider in everything he does. Thanks to the other crops and wildlife that thrive around Fazenda Pinhal, we were even treated to a bottle of cachaça, and some wild honey!

We were incredibly glad to have the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with Pedro, and we look forward to seeing it continue to grow as the years go on. Because of each of you who have ever tried or bought one of our coffees containing beans from Pedro’s farms, we can be sure that fairness and sustainability remains at the core of what we do.


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