How To Reduce Milk Waste in Coffee Shops

How To Reduce Milk Waste in Coffee Shops

With rising costs seemingly everywhere you look, it's an especially challenging time to be running a coffee shop. As well as increases in rent and energy costs, other factors can really eat into a shop's profits. In coffee shops, one of the biggest culprits is wasted milk.

Since 2021, the price of milk has seen its largest spike since records began, so the effects of wastage are more impactful than ever. We're here to help - in this blog, we'll discuss how you can reduce milk waste in your coffee shop and how to utilise the right equipment and techniques to protect your pocket.

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Train Your Staff Properly

It all begins with staff. Educating your baristas on the proper methods for measuring out milk will not only result in better-tasting beverages but also contribute to reducing overall milk waste. Properly trained staff should be able to produce perfectly textured milk with a minimal amount of wasted product – that's why we ensure that our Wholesale Partners have access to free comprehensive training for all staff. Once you have settled on your standardised drink sizes, ensure that you communicate this with your team, and most importantly, to any new hires.

One of the best training techniques is to visualise waste: place a bucket next to your machine and pour your excess milk into it. Measure what's left at the end of a shift, and you'll be able to calculate the cost of milk. Your team will also be able to see how much they're pouring away each time and adjust accordingly.

You can practice your milk steaming without milk, too! Simply heat up a pitcher full of water, with just a tiny dot of washing-up liquid. This mixture will behave just like milk, allowing you to get a feel for how to texture milk without waste.

Invest in the Right Equipment

In addition to properly training your staff, investing in the right equipment can greatly reduce milk waste as well. Milk pitchers with volume marks make it easier for baristas to measure out the proper amounts of milk needed for each drink without wasting any extra product. Newer innovations like Ubermilk and Perfect Moose go one step further, and automate the whole process, leaving nothing to chance. For real peace of mind and ultimate consistency in your drinks, these devices are the end-game solution. Our Wholesale Partners have access to these machines – simply get in touch if you want to join their ranks!

These types of investments may seem expensive at first, but in time they will pay for themselves. The milk you'll save will quickly begin to add up; you might also find that customers come to know your place as the go-to location for consistent, perfect milk drinks. Reputation = more footfall!

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Consistency is key for a successful coffee shop.

Reducing milk waste doesn’t have to be a hassle; with proper training and the right equipment, you can easily optimise profits while still providing excellent customer service. By investing in the right tools such as milk pitchers with volume marks and automated machines, you can cut down on wasted product and maximise profits all while delivering delicious drinks every time! Get in touch today to enquire about becoming a Wholesale Partner, and benefit from our training, equipment (and great coffee)!