Our Loyalty Scheme | How to Earn Beans with Rounton Coffee Rewards

Our Loyalty Scheme | How to Earn Beans with Rounton Coffee Rewards

It's a big deal for us to be a part of your daily routine - we'd like to say thanks. With our loyalty scheme, you can earn Beans with every order, and get cash vouchers as rewards!

The Rounton Coffee rewards scheme
Access your Beans by tapping the blue icon at the bottom-left of your screen.

How Rounton Coffee Rewards works:

For every £1 you spend, you will earn 5 Beans. You can redeem your beans to receive cash vouchers, which you can then use to offset your future orders.

How to earn Beans

There are many ways to earn Beans with our rewards scheme. You can earn beans by:

  • Placing an order with us
  • Following us on social media
  • Celebrating a birthday!

How to redeem your Beans

Once you have earned enough Beans, you can redeem them for a cash voucher. To do this, simply login to your account and click on the "Ways To Redeem" button.

Then, simply choose the amount you would like to redeem, and you'll receive a cash voucher.

After that, when you place your next order, simply enter the voucher code at the checkout and the value of the voucher will be deducted from your total.

Why join Rounton Coffee Rewards?

There are many reasons why you should join our rewards scheme. Here are just a few:

  • You can earn Beans with every order.
  • You can redeem your Beans for cash vouchers.
  • You can refer a friend! Use your unique referral link here, and share it with someone who you think would love our coffee. When they place an order, they'll get money off, and you get another voucher to use too! 

Want to use your Beans to get money off a subscription order?

Because subscription orders are automatically created for you, there's no place to enter your voucher code - but don't worry! Just drop us a message via the chat button below, and let us know how many Beans you'd like to redeem – we'll take care of the rest.

It's easier than ever to get rewarded for trusting us with your coffee needs – you'll earn Beans automatically with each order. Additionalluy, to check your total, just click here, and drop us a note if you have any other questions. Start earning Beans when you buy coffee today!