Rounton Coffee Great Taste Producer and Great Taste Award 2023

Great Taste Awards 2023 | Celebrating Sweet Success

Wow!! Another year and another haul of coffee awards at the Great Taste Awards. As a result, it's fair to say we are buzzing that we have added to our collection of award-winning coffees.
In short, the Great Taste Awards, also known as the Guild of Fine Food Awards, is an acknowledgment of product quality, judged through blind tasting by product experts.
Let's take a look at what the judges had to say about our award-winning coffees:

1. Sparkling Water Decaf Coffee - 2 Stars ⭐️⁣⭐️⁣

"Thick and buttery mouthfeel with toothy sweetness and tropical notes. A well-balanced range of flavours with a hint of acidity. An interesting and satisfying drink for decaf enthusiasts."

2. Colombian Wilton Benitez – Pink Bourbon Coffee - 2 Stars ⭐️⁣⭐️⁣

"Luscious fruity notes with a balanced molasses and jasmine tea flavour. An exceptionally well-balanced brew with rich acidity and delightful hints of baked biscuits and tropical stone fruits."

3. Two Stories Coffee - 1 Star ⭐️⁣

"A sophisticated blend with citrus lift, cherry, apricot notes, and roasted nut and caramelized sharpness. An aroma to savour, we loved the character and the pleasing finish."

4. Daybreak Blend - 1 Star ⭐️⁣

"Instantly likeable with natural sweetness, hints of nuttiness, and a dessert-like flavour. A well-balanced combination of tangy acidity and creamy chocolate, making it very enjoyable."

5. El Salvador – Apaneca (formerly Cuzcachapa) Coffee - 1 Star ⭐️⁣

"An honest, straightforward coffee with delightful flavours of chocolate, nuts, and caramel. A smooth drink with an authentic and satisfying finish, perfect for a comforting flat white."

6. Rwanda Rwamatamu - Nespresso Compatible Specialty Coffee Pods - 2 Stars ⭐️⁣⭐️⁣

"Balanced and slightly fruity, teasing both sides of the tongue with gentle acidity. The addition of warm milk reveals pleasing chocolate notes and a lingering finish. An impressive flavour level from a pod."
We want to say thank you to all of the Great Taste Awards judges for recognising the exceptional quality and flavors in our coffees. It is through our unwavering commitment to creating the finest coffees and our passion for fostering strong relationships with coffee growers worldwide that we believe we have achieved this impressive haul.
Secondly, to our amazing customers, we owe everything to you all for your unwavering support and appreciation of our coffees. Your continued patronage is the cornerstone of our success. Thank you! Above all else, we promise to continue delivering the most exquisite and satisfying coffee experiences for you to enjoy.
Furthermore, if you're eager to savour these award-winning coffees, we invite you to visit our website for our Specialty Coffees and explore the range of flavors that have been celebrated by the judges at the Great Taste Awards.