WMF Liquid Descaler | 4050982357230

Part number: 4050982357230 | Flüssigentkalker für WMF Kaffeemaschinen

Limescale buildup can cause damage to your coffee machine, leading to corrosion of the materials and increased energy consumption. To ensure a great coffee experience and the durability of your machine, it's important to descale every 3-5 weeks, depending on the water hardness in your region.

The WMF Liquid Descaler is a highly effective solution to remove built-up limescale in your coffee machine. Made of 100% Sulfamic acid, it is not harmful to your machine. You can trust WMF Liquid Descaler for a quick and easy descaling process, helping to maintain the quality of your coffee and the longevity of your coffee machine.

The WMF Liquid Descaler is compatible with a range of WMF coffee- and espresso machines, including WMF BISTRO, WMF PRESTO, WMF 500, WMF 1000 S, WMF 1200 F, WMF 1200 S, WMF 1400, WMF 150 F, WMF 1500 S. Please consult the manual of your WMF coffee machine for detailed instructions on how to use the WMF Liquid Descaler.

Responsibly Sourced

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