• Victoria Arduino - Eagle One
  • Victoria Arduino - Eagle One
  • Victoria Arduino - Eagle One
  • Victoria Arduino - Eagle One
  • Victoria Arduino - Eagle One
  • Victoria Arduino - Eagle One

Victoria Arduino - Eagle One

Eagle One is born in response to the new generation of coffee shops where design, performance, and sustainability all need to come together to create memorable coffee moments every day.

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Victoria Arduino - Eagle One


A completely new engine.

The NEO engine uses an instant heating system with a unique insulation mechanism, that reduces not only the heat dispersion but also energy consumption. It works almost instantly, allowing only the necessary amount of water for the extraction to be heated, thus reducing energy-related costs.

The patented technology.

TERS (Temperature Energy Recovery System) uses the discharged water to pre-heat the incoming water. The result is a 8% saving on total machine consumption.


My Victoria Arduino App

The app connects simply with Bluetooth and allows the user to create and share information and recipes about milk and coffee with all the other “Eagle-oners.”


  • Made by 97.5% recyclable materials. Recycled aluminium used for side and back panels. 
  • 30% less energy consumption compared with a comparable traditional 2 group model
  • Smaller machine so less energy dispersion and smaller footprint
  • New energy optimisation, high performance using less energy through innovative technology 
  • Recovers waste water to heat incoming water via a heat exchange Temperature Energy Recovery System
  • 10 seconds fresh brew water renewal
  • Auto-flush to reduce water and energy waste 
  • Small 7-litre stainless steel boiler enables higher pressure, high performance, dry steam and smooth delivery
  • Cold water flow meter, so no scaling
  • Telemetry available for programming, efficiency and data control
  • Auto steam available as extra
  • Cool touch steam wands and barista lights as standard

Simplicity and Sustainabilty

A New Generation Of Espresso Machine

Victoria Arduino was inspired not only by its impressive history, but also concentrating on the needs of the new era coffee shops that require compact, efficient, and sustainable machines.

That's how design and innovation fuse: having a substantial impact inside the machine in correspondence with its new form. The result is an extremely compact object, simple to use, minimal design, with a new engine able to guarantee high performance and energy efficiency.

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For more information and to get a bespoke quotation for your business, just hit the enquiry button above and send us an email, or call us directly on 01609 882984.

2 Group 758mm 576mm 437mm 5000W 336 x 667mm 400W
3 Group 988mm 576mm 437mm 6500W 336 x 897mm 500W