• Storm Tea - Rooibos Indian Chai (Teabags)
  • Storm Tea - Rooibos Indian Chai (Teabags)

Storm Tea | Rooibos Chai Teabags

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Our organic rooibos comes from South Africa and is enlivened with a chai recipe created by our friends in Sri Lanka. Whole pieces of organic cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom and black pepper, are blended before being carefully combined with the rooibos to create a warm and spicy flavour with hints of nuttiness on the finish. Naturally caffeine-free.

What is in this product?

Ingredients: Rooibos*, cinnamon*, ginger* cloves*, nutmeg*, cardamom*, black pepper*. *Certified organic.

How to make the perfect Organic Caffeine Free Rooibos Indian Chai:

Place 1 organic rooibos chai tea pyramid into a cup/mug or small teapot, add boiling water and brew for between 5 and 7 mins. When brewing loose leaves in a teapot using 1 teaspoon of leaf per person with 250mls of water per person.