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Storm Tea - North African Peppermint Leaves (Teabags)

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It is argued that the world’s best peppermint comes from North Africa where drinking tea made from peppermint leaves is a part of daily life for many people. We source our peppermint from an organic farm in Egypt. The flavour is bright and refreshing with natural sweetness and a long, fresh finish.
Naturally caffeine-free.

What is in this product?

Ingredients: Dried peppermint leaves*. *Certified organic.

How to make the perfect North African Peppermint Leaves:

Place 1 North African Peppermint Leaves Tea pyramid into a cup/mug or small teapot, add boiling water and brew for between 5 and 7 mins. When brewing loose leaves in a teapot using 1 teaspoon of leaf per person with 250mls of water per person.