Hario V60 Drip Decanter

Simple, clean brewing in a stylish carafe - the Hario Drip Decanter gives you everything you need to make up to 500ml of delicious coffee. 

Just brew your V60 as normal, and pop the insert to one side, allowing you to pour straight from your brewing vessel, with minimal fuss and mess!

This brewer is stylish yet practical, and great to travel with. Containing filter papers already, all that's left is to decide what you fancy brewing...


    • 1x Heatproof Decanter VDD-02B
    • 1x Plastic Dripper
    • Silicone Rubber Band
    • 500ml Capacity
    • 10 Sheets of 02 Filter Papers
    • Dishwasher-friendly
    • Borosilicate Glassware
    • Easy to Clean

    Brew Guide

    How To Use Your V60

    1. Place your brewer on the scales, and wet the paper filter with hot water. Discard, then add 30g of medium ground coffee.
    2. Shake the grounds to flatten them, then poke a small hole in the middle with your finger.
    3. Start the timer, and pour 60g of water. Swirl the V60 to saturate the grounds and wait for 45 seconds.
    4. Pour 240g of water in circles, finishing at 1:20.
    5. Pour again up to 500g, finishing at 1:45. Stir the grounds gently with a spoon, and let the brew draw down. 
    6. Total brew time should be 2:30-3:00. Enjoy!