Felicita Arc Waterproof Coffee Scale

Felicita Arc Waterproof Coffee Scale

Accuracy and speed are the two qualities that distinguish the Felicita Arc Waterproof Coffee Scale. An unbelievably quick response time and the Bluetooth-connective auto-tare/auto-timer modes make the Felicita Arc Waterproof Coffee Scale a joy to work with.

Felicita Arc Waterproof Scale Dimensions:

  • W105 x L135 x H15.5mm



    • Felicita Arc Scale
    • Micro USB Cable
    • 100g Calibration Weight
    • Heat Resistant Pad

    Additional Information:


    • Water-resistant
    • Auto-tare & auto-timer modes
    • g / oz measuring units
    • 2000g maximum capacity
    • Rechargeable battery
    • 8 digit LED display
    • Bluetooth Connectivity with Felicita Coffee App

    Waterproof weighing


    This versatile aluminium coffee scale is also water-resistant, which goes a long way toward durability and reduced water damage. Perfect for weighing coffee shots on a busy espresso bar.

    For busy bars or home


    Built to hold up to two espresso cups or even a portafilter and up to 2kg of weight, the Arc coffee scale is yet small enough to fit on a drip tray.

    Responsibly Sourced

    We work with producers and importers who are invested in the future of the coffee industry. Doing justice to the coffees we roast isn't just about making them taste great,

     it's also about giving back in a meaningful way to the places they're from.

    Sustainably Packaged

    We also care about sustainability closer to home. With carbon-neutral, home-recyclable packaging, it's now easier than ever to enjoy our coffee at home without worrying about waste.

    Our Future Focus

    With a great team and a community that cares about sustainability, we're now focusing on more than just roasting great coffee. Our goal for the future is to bring positive change to the environment, and the place we call home.