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Comandante C60 Baracuda Velvet Steel Coffee Grinder

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Comandante C60 Baracuda Velvet Steel is an exceptionally built manual coffee grinder. It features the most advanced burr set design Comandante has ever produced, efficiently fitting into a familiar format. To accommodate the burr set power, Comandante developed a unibody design milled from a single block of steel for optimal stability and drivetrain efficiency. This ambitious production process – usually only used in high-performance motor components – reinforces the grinder with a bold, sturdy appearance. Weighing approximately 1 kilogram, the Baracuda is sure to deliver a substantial grinding experience.


    German Engineering


    The Comandante C60 Baracuda is a robust, heavy-duty, high-performance manual coffee grinder with the biggest and most advanced burr set design Comandante's ever released. Included in this package are one clear and one pink polymer bean jar.

    At Home or Away


    The Comandante rivals many domestic electric grinders, so it's a great choice for the kitchen or on the move. With settings from coarse cafetière right down to espresso, the Comandante grinder can do it all.

    High Precision Tool


    Thanks to Baracuda’s optimised burr geometry, Comandante achieved a massive 2-3x higher bean thruput and yet a smooth grind experience that achieves a comfortable crank torque and a world-class particle size distribution. With it you can brew delicious coffee across the full range of brew methods, from coarse settings for filter coffee down to super-fine settings for espresso and cezve/ibrik.