Peak Water - Endurance Filter (2 Pack)

Peak Water Filters are fully-recyclable and feature a premium dual-ion resin, coupled with carbon filtration, designed to tackle a variety of tap waters.

Dual-Ion Resin + Activated Carbon

The Peak Water filter utilises a two-chamber design. The main chamber makes use of premium dual-ion resins that have the capacity to completely remove the minerals from your water. However, you want a small amount of hardness to get the best out of a coffee.

The Endurance Filter utilises a cat ion resin which in combination with the Peak Water bypass system, allows for control of the alkalinity in the water. The Endurance Filter lowers the overall TDS to a lesser degree than the Precision Filter, but allows for alkalinity control whilst maintaining a significantly longer life and number of litres filtered.

The Filter also contains activated carbon to treat contaminants in the source water, as well as a sodium buffer to help stabilise PH.

Responsibly Sourced

We work with producers and importers who are invested in the future of the coffee industry. Doing justice to the coffees we roast isn't just about making them taste great,

 it's also about giving back in a meaningful way to the places they're from.

Sustainably Packaged

We also care about sustainability closer to home. With carbon-neutral, home-recyclable packaging, it's now easier than ever to enjoy our coffee at home without worrying about waste.

Our Future Focus

With a great team and a community that cares about sustainability, we're now focusing on more than just roasting great coffee. Our goal for the future is to bring positive change to the environment, and the place we call home.