What’s Behind A Logo?

What’s Behind A Logo?

What does the Rounton Coffee Roasters logo mean?

Those little diamonds you see on our logo are more than just a pretty design - they represent the coffee that our world revolves around!

The ones at the top? Imagine them as coffee cherries, growing on their tree. We’re constantly in awe of the coffee plant: how it grows, how many varieties there are to discover, the many ways that cherries are processed, and the infinite possibilities when it comes to the taste in your cup. There’s just no way we couldn’t give them a spot on our logo.

Down the bottom? Picture a drop of hot coffee - coming out of an espresso machine; an AeroPress; your trusty filter coffee brewer… It’s a sight that never gets old, and there’s so much behind those little drips. Whether it’s your morning routine, or the brew you share with friends, we hold the responsibility of being your coffee people very seriously.

In short, that’s what our logo is all about - from the bean, all the way to your cup - with us in the middle, doing our bit as roasters.

Just like our logo, we surround ourselves with the things we want to be. 

We start with the relationships we make at origin to ensure responsibly sourced, specialty coffee.

We have a dynamic little team who are fiercely passionate about coffee, people, and making positive change in the world around them.

Last but not least, with amazing Wholesale Partners who share our values, and coffee lovers brewing up a storm at home, we've been able to achieve what we've always hoped for - a way for responsibly traded, specialty coffee to be a cornerstone of peoples' day-to-day lives.

Thanks for being a part of the incredible journey. 

Happy brewing,

The Rounton Coffee Team