Roger Chilcon Flores



Tasting Notes:

Cranberry Jam Almond Honey



Roger Chilcon Flores has a complex medley of flavours, including cranberry jam, almonds, honey, orange marmalade, and hints of cocoa.

Roger Chilcon Flores is the owner of 3 hectares of coffee in the El Diamante village of San Jose de Lourdes district. Roger grows both yellow and red caturra and all of the land is above 1900masl.

Some of Roger's family also grow coffee in the area and the family manage the farms together. Whilst each family member owns their own land, Roger manages the picking, processing and drying of the coffee.

    El Diamante

    There are some great things going on in Peru at the moment. We work with importers who are setting up a revolutionary supply chain model, with Peru as the breeding ground. The plan for this 'Blueprint Project' is to enable each stage of the supply chain to be logged, so that coffee can be traded with absolute transparency. 

    Balanced and Rounded

    A versatile coffee, with bags of character and natural sweetness. Great as espresso or filter.


    Ripe coffee cherries are picked, and sorted to remove any defects. They then pass through a depulper, where the flesh of the cherry is removed, leaving behind a sticky mucilage layer. Next, the beans are fermented, and the mucilage layer breaks down, leaving a clean coffee bean behind. The beans are then carefully dried, resulting in a clean-tasting coffee with natural sweetness and complexity.

    Medium Intensity

    Medium Intensity

    With black cherry sweetness and a syrupy body, Roger's coffee has the ability to stand up to a little milk, or stand on its own as an outstanding filter brew. 

    Brew Guide



    18g in, 40g out, extracted over 30(±3) seconds.


    35g coffee, 150ml water, brewed in 1:30. Dilute to taste with 150-200ml water.

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