• La Cimbali - S30
  • La Cimbali - S30
  • La Cimbali - S30
  • La Cimbali - S30

La Cimbali - S30

La Cimbali’s award-winning S30 superautomatic machine can deliver up to 300 cups of coffee a day and is the perfect choice for high footfall bakeries, restaurants, bars, pubs and offices where consistent coffee quality and speed of service are a priority.

A key feature is the large, intuitive, touchscreen which is fully customizable, displaying the drinks menu in numerous formats with scope to feature promotional messages such as sales offers when the machine is idle.

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La Cimbali - S30


Quality & New Compact Design:

Imagine a coffee break with the taste of a real Italian Espresso, in other words: small, practical, perfect for any kind of location. S15 is perfect for offices, hotels and small businesses such as mini-markets, bakeries and quick service restaurants.

Milk & Chocolate Technologies:

With an impressive choice of 96 recipes, thanks to its hot foamed milk technology, the embedded powder system and the innovative split-in-two powder hopper. S15 can ensure a flexible menu choice, based on coffee, fresh or powder milk and soluble chocolate beverages.

All systems are provided with Automatic Washing System.

Smart User Experience:

Thanks to the 7” touchscreen, it is very easy to use and customise. The display will show recipes with intuitive icons, so the user select them, set as favourite and even save and transfer to another S15 via USB.

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La Cimbali S30

Boost your coffee menu

S30 is the perfect machines for bakeries, restaurants, medium coffee chains and for all those who want to pair cakes and other products with the perfect recipe. This, thanks to the exclusive cold milk foam technology, that widens even more the huge menu of recipes you can select and enjoy. Up to 300 cups per day, all, of course, with the same excellent quality.

350mm 605mm 715mm 2700W 220 - 240 V 50 Hz