Lion Slayer



Tasting Notes:

Blueberry Passionfruit Pecan



Lion Slayer is a vibrant natural from Kunyak, Kericho County, in the West of Kenya. Blueberry, passionfruit and sweet pecan notes combine to create a tropical cup of coffee that has rich, lasting depth.

The Blue Mountain varietal, once widely produced, is now somewhat of a rarity in Kenya. Mr Tuei, Barng'etuny (Lion Slayer) as he's known to his friends, has one of the oldest orchards of Blue Mountain coffee trees. His passion for the varietal and vast experience in the industry shines through in every sip. Grown at 1600-2000 MASL, and naturally processed, Lion Slayer is juicy, citric and sweet.

This limited lot is one not to miss. One cup of this will give you the vigour to take on any big cat, not that it is advisable or encouraged.

Kunyak, Kericho County

Mr Tuei's farm is situated in Kunyak, Kericho County, in the West of Kenya. It is home to some of the oldest Blue Mountain coffee trees in Kenya.

Vibrant & Juicy

In the cup, expect the typical bright acidity of a great Kenyan lot, with notes of blueberry, passionfruit with a pecan sweetness.


The natural process requires skill and attention to get right. The ripe coffee cherry is picked and left out to ferment in the sun,  turned regularly so that no mould grows. The enzymatic reactions that occur here sink right into the seed (or bean), and leave you with a coffee that's full of funkiness and complexity. 

The process historically was common in places with less water available, but you'll see it all over the world these days, in producer's quests to find wild results in their lots.

Fruity Intensity

Fruity Intensity

We always think of Kenyan coffees as having a quality a bit like lemon curd - they’re bright and a little bit tangy, but they have a really pleasant body underpinning them which totally ties it all together.

Brew Guide



20g coffee, 320ml water. Total brew time = 2:30-3:00.


1:16 ratio, steeped for 4 minutes and left to settle. No plunger needed!

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