Hario Skerton Pro Hand Grinder

There is no doubt that freshly ground coffee is really the only way to go, to get the most out of your beans.

Transform your coffee experience with the Hario Skerton Pro. Made of plastic and glass and sporting ceramic burrs, this grinder can hold up to eight cups worth of ground coffee. It can be adjusted to produce finer or coarser coffee, depending on your intended brewing method.

    Sturdy hand grinding


    The Skerton PRO manual grinder has a slick anti-slip grip which ensures a truly stable grind. While the top transparent lid prevents the beans from scattering.

    Part of your routine


    Set the kettle to boil, grind your fresh coffee beans, brew and enjoy delicious cup of coffee every morning.

    Form meets function


    Apart from beautiful aesthetics the Skerton PRO has improved grind adjustment which lets you to select fine/coarse settings to get the all-important consistent grinding results. It also has improved sturdiness due to stronger grind shaft and easy to detach stainless steel handle for smoother grinding experience.



    • Easy to Detach Stainless Steel Handle
    • Anti-Slip Rubber Grip
    • Improved Grind Adjustment for Consistency
    • Stronger Grind Shaft
    • Fully Washable
    • Glass Bowl Hopper 100g Capacity