• Storm Tea - Handcrafted Jasmine Phoenix Eyes
  • Storm Tea - Handcrafted Jasmine Phoenix Eyes

Storm Tea - Handcrafted Jasmine Phoenix Eyes

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This exotic and unusual tea comes from the province of Guangxi in China. This region has perfect climatic conditions for growing tea but is also well suited to jasmine cultivation, so here the two are brought together in these beautiful hand-crafted spheres that resemble phoenix eyes. They are created by selecting the youngest leaf tips which are hand-rolled into small pearl or eye-shaped spheres. During the drying period, the green tea phoenix eyes are layered with freshly picked blossoms which bestow the tea with a beautiful and unmistakable fragrance of jasmine. This perfuming process is repeated up to five times to reach the correct levels of floral intensity.

What is in this product?

Ingredients: Ingredients: Organic Jasmine Phoenix Eyes Tea Leaves, Organic Green Tea Leaves 

How to make the perfect Handcrafted Organic Green Tea, Orange Pekoe, Thotulagalla Estate:

Brew Proportions: 5g of tea or 1.5 teaspoons to 250 mls of water Brew Temperature: 80 C Infusion time: 3 minutes.  

Health Benefits

Aid Digestion & High Cholesterol

There are many health benefits locked within the leaves of black tea including the ability to aid digestive disorders, reduce high cholesterol levels, with polyphenols which are known to neutralise free radicals that can cause cancer.